Werner von Schnitzler

Violine & Viola

"The first concert of the new year in the Cologne Philharmonie would like to be seen as a good omen for the coming twelve months there. The German Kammerphilharmonie with Heinrich Schiff on the conductor's podium and violinist Werner von Schnitzler provided a musical feast. There was a great deal of applause, especially for the violin virtuoso who understood the musical entertainment of Sarasate's "Carmen Fantasie". He presented the piece to the astonished audience with the unconcern of someone who can be absolutely sure of what he is doing. In the orchestra, Werner von Schnitzler found sensitive support for his dominant role."

Hans Elmar Bach

Cologne City Gazette

FROM MY HOMELAND I Werner von Schnitzler I Cosmin Boeru

"...the golden clay has returned. Also all colours, the silk, the melodic flow! His new album, produced together with the pianist Cosmin Boeru, is called "From my Homeland", freely adapted from Smetana (Ars Produktion). The heart of the recital is Leoš's ravishingly played violin sonata Janáček."

Eleanor Büning

FAZ April 18, 2016

"It is strongly reminiscent of the old, Bohemian art of playing the violin, as von Schnitzler appears here: virtuoso, yet languishing, with many different possible rainbow colours in only a bow stroke, also always close to the kitsch or even heartache border, with seamless register changes and a dynamically flowing continuous legato, and of course: with portamenti Werner von Schnitzler, who was famous as a child prodigy in the 90s and is now celebrating his comeback with a selection of ravishingly musical miniatures of Bohemian musicians."

Eleonore Büning

SWR2 meeting point classic 27 May 2016, 10.30-12.00

"Wonderful, what tonal finesse and what agogic subtleties of Schnitzler and Boeru right at the beginning in Dvořáks Four Romantic Pieces op. 75 or how soulfully both of them express their tone dosing and modelling, which even in silence loses none of its tension. All this is music that simply enchants in interpretations that simply touch."

Christof Jetzschke, classical music today May 20, 2016

Classic today recommendation ( rating: 10 out of 10 points )

"Schnitzler and Boeru devote themselves to this music with particular dedication and achieve a valid interpretation that need not fear any comparison with famous colleagues. Also from the recording technical side no wishes remain open."

Gunter Duvenbeck

Cologne-Bonn Music Calendar

"Just like the selected pieces, Werner von Schnitzler also has a lot to say. His music is vulnerable and delicate like wafer-thin silk, yet at the same time it has great personality and accentuated intensity.

Especially the Romantic Pieces from Dvořák go to the heart."

Carlin Bietzker, June 1, 2016

Cologne City Gazette

"When he (Werner von Schnitzler) plays, he fuses completely with his instrument, so that the impression is created that the music becomes independent Werner von Schnitzler made music with a impressive range of means of expression.......On a small tonal range the violinist from Bad Münstereifel built up a tingling atmosphere."

Carolin Bietzker, 8 June 2016

Cologne City Gazette

Dvořák: 4 Romantic Pieces op. 75

Suk: 4 Pieces op. 17

Janáček: Violin Sonata

Martinů: 3 Arabesks H. 201

Dvořák: Larghetto from Sonatine op. 100

Smetana: "From My Homeland"